Check out Callum using the Cutting Guide to get in peak condition for his holiday after losing motivation for training and nutrition.


“I’d recommend the Cutting Guide as the flexibility of the plan makes it great for anyone who works shifts such as myself. It was also easy to adapt the plan so I was able to enjoy two weekends away with a few drinks without damaging any progress, thanks to the nutrition and lifestyle sections.

I love how there’s no gimmicks to the CG. Just challenging workouts paired with detailed info about the diet for a sustainable calorie deficit. Although I didn’t personally message you, I know that if I need advice I can always give you a shout – thanks again lads!”


The Cutting Guide is our male fat loss and lean definition plan, which covers all your;

  • Training (from home or the gym)
  • Nutrition (specific to your weight, body type and experience level)
  • Optional supplementation and exclusive discounts
  • Lifestyle and mind-set
  • How to properly track progress
  • Stretching, foam rolling and pressure ball work
  • AND comes with the support of the founders whenever you need it (not a staff member reading off a check sheet in rationed ‘check-ins’)
  • AND has beginner, intermediate and advanced options within both the training and nutrition sections



Remember to follow us and post your progress on Instagram, and use the hashtag #LDNMuscle so we can see your smashing progress and lovely creations, repost some and spread the LDNM Community far and wide!






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