Anyone who’s turned their life around for the better will tell you that the little things matter. Small changes to your daily routine and actions are important and do add up, spanning from training and nutrition, through to your general attitude, and even incorporating a beauty regime; girls AND boys that is!

Now Listen, Don’t Exit the Tab, Let Me Justify Myself!

Once you embark on a fitness regime (new or renewed) with goals in mind, you are ultimately trying to improve your body image. Given this crude simplification, why would you not employ some sort of beauty, health and well-being regime that will help enhance the progress, improve self-confidence, and show others you are taking pride in yourself once again?


The Regime:

  • Skincare:

A small investment into a skincare pack; a non-harsh body exfoliator, daily face wash, face moisturiser, body moisturiser and a lip balm. This will make you feel more comfortable in your own skin (pun-intended), add to your routine, and will help you avoid rough, dry skin that is more prominent in active people in general.


  • Clothing and hygiene:

This is two rolled into one; don’t be that smelly guy with dirty clothes, both crying out for a wash. A nice plain outfit and anti-perspirant will suffice, maybe even a cheeky spray of aftershave if you have shortlisted a potential future romance! Personally I believe in the age old quote of “look good, feel good, play good”, so a half-decent (co-ordinated) outfit, deodorant and styled hair, or concealing hat, works for me.


  • Haircut and grooming:

A new or styled haircut (the ultimate fresh feeling for men and women!), groomed facial hair and some ‘man-scaping’ if necessary can all again add to the notion of feeling good within one’s skin. Again this advice could be viewed as purely vain on my part, but a neck-beard and out of control haircut are not preferable to a well groomed image when training regularly. In a personal sport such as the gym so to speak, where the mental aspects are heightened by the solo and intense nature of the dedication required, all these little self-help changes combined cannot be overlooked.


  • Health and well-being:

Always recommended, but always overlooked: drink enough water, eat enough fruit and vegetables, and even buy a multi-vitamin (arguable effect, but cheap and a definite placebo effect). Even pre-preparing a 2 litre bottle of water; 4 mugs of green tea, a diced lemon and the remaining crushed ice and water is potentially a good idea- especially for those working 9-5, again as a mental and physical boost to keep you on track during the day.


  • (Random one) Update your gym playlist:

Absolutely nothing to do with your appearance, but updating your playlist in line with a renewed goal and motivation is another shrewd move. Separating yourself from a time where you lost motivation can be partly achieved even by an action as small and seemingly unimportant as this. Trust me, update your playlist :)!



You may have read this article and dramatically changed your opinion of me to a superficial tosspot, however improving your opinion of yourself and or self-confidence in line with little and consistent improvements to your lifestyle are invaluable in my opinion. If you look in the mirror and do not like what you are seeing even slightly, improving this will only add to a more positive mental attitude going into the next day, week or training session.

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