We all know the drill, go into the gym and end up repeating the same exercise that we regularly do. It’s all too easy to stay in our comfort zone.  But let’s be realistic, gains are made from training outside our comfort zone and varying our workouts.

Reverse preacher bench

So we thought we would show you an underused bicep exercise, the ‘reverse preach curl’ – a variation on the commonly used preacher curl. It places your arms at a slightly different angle allowing you to gain that all important pinch at the top of your rep.

How to do it

  • Nice and simple. Face the opposite way on the preacher bench, with your stomach on the angled part of the machine where your arms normally rest.
  • Lower the seat down to the lowest position.
  • Use an ‘ez’ bar or if you prefer a straight bar.
  • Ensure your shoulders are directly above your elbows
  • Raise the bar from the seat into a curl and return to starting position (not allowing it to rest on the seat!)
  • Repeat 6-8 slow reps, briefly pinching at the top of your rep and making sure you focus equally on both the eccentric and concentric phases.

A great way to totally isolate your biceps and removes any element of swinging. Why not throw this one in the next time you train biceps?

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