Bicep Plate Curl

Biceps can soon become a repetitive routine, curl after curl. However, this simple variation on a normal curl can leave you targeting a part of the bicep which you often overlook, leaving you with those all important DOMS.

This is a particular favourite of ours at LDNMuscle. Using a plate weight and and holding it with a 10 to 2 grip (indicated in the video) targets both the lower part of the bicep and also the forearm. This eradicates the risk of ending up with a bicep  that has a disproportionate peak- like Popeye.


Keeping your elbows in take a plate weight appropriate to your strength and hold with a 10 to 2 grip as per photo. Lift the weight up towards your chin in a controlled manner (and do not let your elbows move) then slowly release the weight to your starting position. Resist the temptation to swing the weight up using momentum from your body. Inevitably the final couple of reps may call for some extra help/momentum but ensure that the first 4-5 reps or so aren’t reliant on this.

A tip for those capable of lifting say a 20kg plate. Try using 2 x 10kg plates and squeezing those together. It not only gives you a greater range of movement (as a big 20kg plate reaches your chin- and for boys, dangerously your crotch area- earlier) but it also ensures a tight squeeze throughout the range of motion targeting your biceps and forearms more effectively.

Repeat 4 sets of 6-8 controlled reps and feel the BURN.

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