ABSolutely blown away by the staggering a nationally acclaimed progress of Ben Malka, who after a teacher made fun of his weight lost downloaded the Cutting Guide and lost an incredible 7 stone!




Ben’s Life Prior To LDNM.

Ben was constantly bullied at school because of his weight, and at the age of 18 had reached his heaviest weight, weighing in at over 20 stone.

Ben said: “I was overweight all my life through school… I would get verbal abuse in the playground about my weight and of course I would try and shrug it off but it did get to me.

When a teacher once shouted to me and referred to me as the “large kid at the back” that was pretty bad and everyone in the class was laughing. I tried not to let the comments get to me but I didn’t have any confidence, and it really effected me.

I was uncomfortable in my own skin and all I ever wanted was to be able to sit somewhere and not tug at my t-shirt to show I didn’t have ‘stomach rolls’ or ‘man boobs’.

It was always difficult when it came talking to girls and they would always say it was like hugging a big bear, I knew it was because of my weight and that was hard to digest.”


How Ben’s Life Changed After LDNM

Since staring the LDNM Cutting Guide (our fully comprehensive fat loss plan, covering both diet and training, Ben has shifted an astonishing 7 stone, and now weighs just 13st and 7lbs.

Ben said; “After four years of plodding along with training and going to the gym, it wasn’t until I came across the LDNM Cutting Guide that I really started to see results”! 

“The diet and training knowledge is all there in a handy and easy to understand guide that I can use on my phone and its this guide and the results that have given me the motivation to change my life forever”. 

“I am now for the first time happy with what I see in the mirror, thanks LDNM”!

Following this incredible weight loss Ben’s confidence has massively improved and he has now managed to secure a job at a media agency, prior to the weight loss Ben was unemployed.

Not only this, but also the increased confidence has benefited Ben’s love life, and the 22-year-old, , has also recently found love for the first time – so a huge congratulations to Ben on this too!


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