One of the most frequent emails we get is from ladies and gents who have been overtly committed and dedicated to their diet and training, who then have a ‘bad spell’, or ‘fall off the wagon’ a little…

First and foremost, falling off track for a small period of time is natural and entirely human. Anyone who preaches ‘clean eating’ for months and months on end without even the smallest of slip-ups is probably telling a porky!

The real issue, and crux of the matter, is how you get back on track, how you find the motivation to start where you left off and put your brief period of over-indulgence behind you.

We often find with these periods that the psychological implications are often noticeably harder to deal with than the physical. One bad meal, one treat is NOT going to directly reflect in the mirror. It may however affect your mentality. But, lets face it, sitting there fretting about what you have devoured won’t lessen its impact. What will is using it as motivation and a tool to encourage you to smash your training even harder, and with your cravings satisfied get back to your diet.

For many, these brief interludes or divergences from their diet are precisely what motivates them or gives them renewed enthusiasm to commit.

If you find yourself mulling over your behaviour and sobbing in pity – give yourself a slap, chuck on your gym kit and go and smash a HIIT or Tabata session. With the sweat pouring and blood rushing through your veins, use that as your don’t look back point – its business as usual from here onwards.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, or who do like the ‘naughty’ foods (which is all of us) why not try to incorporate sentiments of these into your diet in a legislated and measured way? If you do find yourself straying, then weigh the item and account for it in your calories – rather than having a no holds barred blow out, this is what we call ‘flexible dieting‘, and which we incorporate into both our Male Guides and Female Guides.

Rest assured if you see a physique that is obscenely low body fat and the individual attributes their 3-4% body fat, down solely to a ’21 week clean eating period’ be skeptical. Sadly and too commonly this is used as a shield to mask a hidden side of their routine – which for obvious reasons would never be publicised. Don’t ever let yourself enter that mindset, or have an unhealthy relationship with food whereby you truly believe that the difference in your physique and theirs is solely down to your 1x pizza, and 1x tub of Ben & Jerry’s that you consumed over the last 21 weeks. Wake up folks!

Smash your training, smash your diet, chin up! Time to achieve the best that YOU physically can.



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One Response to “Having a Bad Week, Eaten Badly, or Lack Motivation?”

  1. David Marsh

    I’ve gone back to this many times. Not that I fall of the wagon often (so to speak) but there are certainly times that knowing I’m normal, and thus is something we all do, is reassuring. Having just ate my Bodyweight through this current festive period, I need all the motivation I can get.


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