• 11th Dec
  • LB’s Inspired Leg Workout
    27th Oct
    To help combat the epidemic of skinny legs in the gym (myself included), I’ve put together a Kai-Greene style leg work out for you to try. I often find....
  • All in proportion
    27th Oct
        Lagging body parts. All of us have them. Whether it’s due to genetics or under training, some body parts end up falling behind the others. These tend....
  • Exercising with Man-Flu
    23rd Oct
    The dreaded man-flu (and woman-flu) season is well and truly upon us. The common cold and flu spreads amongst colleagues, friends and family like wildfire and can put you....
  • Triceps – The French Press
    25th Sep
    Parlez vous francais? Worry not the only thing French about this exercise is its name. We are certainly not concerned with speaking French-we are here to give you triceps....
  • Big Bodies, Small Budgets
    31st Aug
    We know that eating healthily, buying supplements and retaining a gym membership can soon start to add up, putting you between a rock and a hard place. We are....
  • Is Resistance Training Right For You?
    28th Aug
    Building Blocks: Resistance training – the use of bodyweight, free weights (and now machines and other equipment) to resist movement – have been utilised by peoples dating as far....
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