Arnold 1

Arnold 2


How To:

  • A great exercise to target your shoulders, and give your triceps some engagement too.
  • Ensure your repetition starts with the dumbbells in front of chest, palms towards the body, and finishes with arms slightly bent (not fully extended), palms facing away from the body, in order to keep tension through your shoulder muscles.
  • Twist should occur at a constant speed throughout movement, not entire twist at beginning of the repetition – a short twist makes the movement into a regular shoulder press, negating the medial and rear delts.
  • Controlled speed throughout the press, don’t jerk the weight at the bottom of the press. We like to use a 3-4 second eccentric phase with an 1-2 second concentric phase.
  • Reps and sets depends on your training protocol, generally speaking 4 sets of between 8-12 reps, 75-90 second rest.

For full shoulder workouts check out the LDNM Boulder Shoulder Pack here.