As ever we absolutely love to see your transformation photos, but often even more heart warming is the words that accompany your emails.

When Shaun Mundin sent in his epic transformations pictures, and his testimonial we just had to share it…

“Hi guys
Just a quick email with a bit of background to my transformation. You guys retweeted a pic of me last week and the comments I received from yourselves and the people of Twitter was amazing. 
So after blooming up to 15st9 at the age of 27 and after the birth of my first child I realised after this holiday snap how big I had got.

image3-1So without much knowledge diet wise and a past history of going to the gym I started to try and shift some pounds. I managed to shift around 2st and was more then happy with that for some time…

Fast forward to the last 18 months; I came across your website and then decided that I would have another crack at it. Now there is 7 years difference in the first and third photo but the second and third are around 18months apart after following you. I bought the Cutting Guide and have followed it on and off since but following you on Twitter has given me so much more understanding. From eating wisely to different training protocols and technique guidance. All this info you give out for free is fantastic. I cannot thank you guys enough.


While learning you also keep me more than entertained with your antics. So now at the age of 34 and around 12st I have never, ever been in better shape or this fit. Also my 2 kids can see what I do and hopefully they will follow in my footsteps and look after themselves as they grow old”.

Thanks again 

Shaun Mundin

A huge huge congratulations to Shaun for this epic work on the Cutting Guide, a truly life changing transformation, to a healthier fitter way of life.

If you have a testimonial and transformation you would like to share with us, please email it to [email protected]

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