muscle gain transformation


Check out this amazing 12 week muscle gain transformation using our Bulking Bible, from Russ McKeown.



How did LDNM positively affect you, both physically and mentally?

Physically, I feel significantly fitter and stronger than I did before starting LDNM guides. I’m doing a 10k military fitness assault course in a month, and feel so much more confident than I would have before.

I have gained 5kg and kept my body fat the same! I’ve also increased my deadlift, squat and bench massively over the 12 week period!


Mentally, I have become so much more focused. Having a very clear set of workouts & diet plans to make my way through meant I consistently kept my training up. To see the results has given my self-esteem a big boost, and I haven’t felt at odds with gaining weight the right (increasing muscle mass/size) way either!


Why would you recommend LDNM to others?

I’d recommend LDNM on the basis that you guys are human and don’t pretend to be anything else! Your guides are accessible for anyone at any level and the support via social media and email means you don’t have to spend long feeling unsure of anything.

The guides are good value, the supplements are tasty and the LDNM candour/honesty is a rarity (in fitness) and much appreciated!



The Bulking Bible is designed for lean muscle and strength gains, and can be completed in 12 or 22 weeks. It covers training, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle comprehensively, and more information on the guide can be found here.


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