Lagging body parts. All of us have them. Whether it’s due to genetics or under training, some body parts end up falling behind the others. These tend to be peoples back and shoulders, but the most prolific body part is legs.

Now I’m not going to lecture you on why you should train legs, I understand it hurts. It really hurts. And you often can’t walk for days after, which isn’t ideal if you play sport, or have to walk anywhere. And it’s not like anyone sees them anyway, they’re always covered. Plus big legs make your willy look smaller…

But anyway, you should strive to keep your physique as balanced as possible. It’s why people like Arnie, Zyzz and Greg Plitt look(ed) so good. So here are some tips to bring that lagging body part back into check:

  1. Be honest about which body part is lacking – it’s probably not your arms or chest
  2. Look at your training split; has said body part taken a backseat in your regime?
  3. Make it the focus workout of your week: if a larger muscle assign it an individual day, or make it the focus of your workout if it is a smaller muscle
  4. If you are on a restricted carbohydrate diet, or lagging muscle is a large body part: increasing your carb intake the day before working that muscle
  5. On the day, make sure you eat a meal 90 mins before your workout of complex carbs and protein, but low in fat
  6. Change up your workout routine: perform different exercises to usual for different numbers of sets and reps. Do super sets, strip sets and pre-exhaust work. Variety is the best weapon to stimulate muscle growth
  7. If it is a large muscle: drink a mixture of 30g whey and 40g dextrose throughout your workout, as this will give you the extra energy to push hard every set
  8. Within 15 minutes of finishing your workout, consume a mixture of high and (some) low GI carbs with 30-45g whey
  9. Consume a meal of low GI carbs and protein (meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese – but NOT WHEY) within 1 hour of finishing the workout to carry on building muscle, as your post workout shake is digested very quickly
  10. If the lagging body part is a large muscle group, increase your carb and protein intake throughout the rest of the day by approximately 20% at each meal
  11. Embrace your lagging body part and learn to love working it!

If you follow the above guidelines, you will soon see gains in your lacking area bringing your physique back into balance. Go forth and grow (in proportion)!

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