Yet another eye catching and inspiring transformation that we are so proud to be able to share with you. This time its Alfie Hurst (@alfiehurst93) who has lost an incredible 15kg in his 16 weeks on the Cutting Guide!



How Has LDNM Positively Affected You Both Physically & Mentally?

Physically the guide has helped me lose the extra fat I was holding, especially around my stomach area and go from a size 36 to a 32″ wait and I’ve lost 15kg in the 16 week programme. Mentally, the guide has given me the structured routine I need in regards to both training and diet, but in a way that I can and will actually follow. The Cutting Guide makes sure I have a full workout to follow before I even get to the gym, rather than trying to pull a workout together on the spot. It works really well with my life being so busy it means I can plan in advance knowing what my workouts are and roughly how long they’ll take”.

Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

“I’d recommend the programme to literally anyone, it has beginner, intermediate and advanced options and it’s so easy to understand. It includes everything you need and all the key information like timings/tempos etc and has a really wide range of exercises to help keep things interesting throughout”.

Guys! Get Lean Today With The Cutting Guide.


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