When Alex sent us his incredible transformation, we just had to feature it. As ever, its not always just the photos that leave us speechless, but also the inspirational and warming words that accompany them.


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Alex’s Testimonial:

“Hey lads, I’ve mentioned this to you before (sometime last year) but just wanted to say (again) that you guys f*cking rock. You can see from the pictures below that I used to be (in my view) exceptionally average, not just physically – but also with my mentality, confidence and attitude. Everything around working out seemed too difficult and too complex to even start, and there was just so many confusing messages online. But the fact that you all talk so honestly about having off days, occasionally eating junk food, and that you go for beers with your mates made everything seem completely achievable. I follow quite a few people on Insta who are hollow and only into self promotion, you guys are the opposite, and it’s awesome”. 

“My transformation has been achieved using both your Cutting Guide and your Muscle Building Bible, over the last 18 months. What’s so amazing about your guides, is that I’ve managed to do this while being a shift worker and with 2 separate months of no working out and eating/drinking what I wanted (backpacking). I just love how the guide expressly detail how to detail with these periods and fit your diet and training around a normal life. Outside of these times though, I’ve never really fallen off the wagon. Mainly because I don’t really feel that there is a wagon to fall off; sometimes I eat what I want and I have days off, but you guys make it easy to not beat myself up, pick up and carry on the next day (the fact that a Dominoes fits into my Macros helps too…).” 

“Anyway, cheers lads, you rock, you’ve completely transformed both the way I look and feel, I couldn’t recommend you more highly ????????”.


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