Holidays, airports and supplements.

We know what it’s like, packing to go away is stressful at the best of times. We all face the uneasy situation of wondering if customs are going to seize our prize supplement collection.  For this very reason we have put together a brief summary of our experiences and how we approach this travelling saga.

Be it Las Vegas,Ibiza or Croatia the ‘to-pack’ list remains the same, supplements featuring at the top of our priority list.


What supplements do we take?

LDNM’s top 5:

We like to keep it to the essentials;

  1. Powdered oat’s 
  2. Whey protein
  3. BCAA’s
  4. Multi Vitamin

These basics cover you for most eventualitys and crucially bail you out should you get caught out on meal timings, or struggle to find anywhere that sells something nutritionally worthwhile.

The powdered oats allow a simple and effective carb source, ideal for breakfast when those brightly coloured sugary foreign cereals are staring you in the face.

Whey protein provides you with a quick absorbing and readily available protein source, be it required as a supplement to low protein meals or acting as your post workout shake- should you be training.

BCAA’s bail you out of trouble and are great intra-meals. We know what its like when you are away and having fun. Somehow tupaware boxes aren’t the best look at a pool party!

Multi-vitamin. A great all rounder to try and keep your body from deficiencies during those days of indulgence and neglect.


Will The airport/airline seize my supplements?

This seems to be a grey area, and we have struggled to find a definitive answer. We always pack them in our suitcase where we can. Not one of us have ever had a single issue with doing so, however we do have some helpful tips;

  1. Always keep the supplement in its original packaging where possible- to avoid any confusion. The one exception to this being protein, where it’s impractical to pack the whole 2.5kg tub. With protein we simply fill a DRY protein shaker to the top and transport it in this, packing another shaker to actually make the shake in.
  2. Ensure the lids are firmly sealed/tightened- it seems suitcases often are the victims of unofficial 5-a-side football matches!
  3. We tend to inform the checkin staff that we have supplements in our bags to eradicate any potential issues at the earliest possible opportunity.

What if I am only taking hand luggage?

For those that don’t take a suitcase, hand luggage seems a somewhat more risky area. That being said, I (JE) have taken powdered oats and whey in my hand luggage uncontested on a number of occasions. However we would always advise ringing your airline prior to travelling to double check.



Pack those essentials for holiday, pack them in a way that makes it glaringly obvious as to what is contained within, and make sure they are fastened securely. Fail to do so and you may just find the contents of your suitcase marinating in whey!


If in doubt ring the airline, and enjoy your holidays guys.