Reverse crunch

The alternative version with the Olympic bar used for balance, allowing for a reverse crunch at the peak of the rep!

For those of you in search of a decent ab exercise look no further. Here is a nice and simple one designed to engage your abs and leave you with a nice aching set of abdominals!

  • Take 1x Olympic bar
  • Lay on your back on a matt
  • Take the Olympic bar and hold it directly above your head (as if you were bench pressing)
  • Slowly raise your legs up to the sky to meet the bar
  • Slowly lower your legs to the ground (not letting gravity do the work). Making sure you do not touch the floor with your feet at the bottom- as this will give your abs a momentary rest (cheating).
  • Repeat as many times as you can but aiming for approx 12-15 controlled reps, repeat for 3 sets.

Advanced option

  • Make the exercise slightly more demanding by;
  • 1) Holding the Olympic bar as narrow as possible (increasing the need to stabilise the bar and therefore more demanding)
  • 2) Lowering the position of the bar further behind you (towards your head). The nearer the bar becomes to the ground the harder it is. Don’t be tempted to bend your arms though- keep them straight.
  • 3) Finally both of the above with the addition of a small amount of weight to the Olympic bar, again increasing the need to stabilise.

Why not add this into your ab routine, or try it at the end of a workout? You will love it! For full AB Workouts check out our LDNM ABnoxious Ab Pack.