Max leg raise

Or the second variation – knee raises ( a less advanced option)


To make any exercise worthwhile you have to know what muscle you are targeting. It’s possible to cheat on any exercise and not use the muscles you are intending to train. This is certainly the case with Abs and the often poorly attempted Hanging Leg Raises. Done properly this exercise will hit and train all of your abs and help build that six pack. Problem is I’ve seen it done incorrectly so many times.


1. Keep the tempo slow and controlled. Avoid using momentum to give you a swing. Ensure the movement engages your abs.

2. Keep legs straight with a slight bend in the knees and move your hips. There should be a scooping affect of your hips up, forward and toward your stomach.

3. Hang straight, avoid the temptation to lean backwards

4. Bring the legs in toward your chest and pause

5. Take a grip that is slightly wider than shoulder width

6. Flexibility is important for this exercise, particularly Hip Flexors

The key with this exercise is to do it properly, slow everything down and do as many as you can in a controlled way that you feel hits the abs.

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