Ci62mckWkAEz5RvFollowing on from our initial article on the how to improve the appearance of Abs, it seems that a new wave of marketing is sweeping across the ‘fitness industry’, giving false hope and expectation with a hefty price tag!

As with most muscles, abs are an ancillary muscle used in the majority of exercises. However they, like any muscle group, also need to be isolated and trained as a standalone muscle, this is precisely what we created the epic ABNoxious Ab Pack for…

However as we have discussed before, everyone has abs, however not everyone’s are visible. No doubt training abs (to create a bigger muscle) makes them more prominent… BUT and this is a big but, they will only be visible when there isn’t body fat hiding them.

What’s The Solution?

Lets take a look at some of the latest marketing ploys:

  • ‘Fat burners’
  • ‘Slimming Teas’
  • ‘Juice Diets’
  • ‘Slendertone’
  • ‘Diet Whey’
  • ‘Raspberry Ketones’
  • ‘Carb Blockers’
  • ‘Waist Trainers’

Are these really the key to shredding body fat? Are these really what the ‘models’ advertising the products have used to achieve their look? Or is it all an overpriced marketing ploy? I think you can guess our stance; we use NONE of the above, never have, and never will.

The truth is many of the ‘fat burning supplements’ are a hugely expensive green tea extract, and are by no means a miracle cure. Slimming teas, we wont even waste our breath on. Juice diets and the like are extreme measures, placing you in a huge calorie deficit. This is neither healthy nor sustainable, and in our opinion places you at risk of hitting a plateau prematurely – stalling weight loss.

Any kind of equipment designed to re-shape your waist or electrocute your abs, again we just wouldn’t even entertain. Likewise any product that suggests that it can pin-point fat reduction. If it was as easy as simply shredding fat from ‘love handles’ or ‘ bingo wings’ then you would see everyone doing it. Always ask yourself is this even possible… if your gut feeling is, that it isn’t, then the chances are you are right.

What it comes down to, as we always have said, and always will say, is diet AND training. You can be immensely dedicated and train extremely hard, but still put on weight. View the process of shredding body fat as two fold, ask yourself, am I training correctly? Am I eating correctly for my body type and body weight, am I eating the right foods, the right amounts, and at the right time?

Supplements, we see as just that, they are there to supplement your diet and NOT replace it. The supplements we use are convenience tools to ensure we hit the right intake. Our two go to sources are;

Whey Protein


Instant Oats 

This is why we place such an equal and heavy emphasis on training AND nutrition in our Cutting, Bikini and Bulking Guides. If you optimise both we can assure you, you will see results and fast.

Moral of the story, don’t spend money on gimmicky supplements, but rather use it to focus on your nutrition and follow a varied, enjoyable and flexible diet to help you reach your goals.