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Try this challenging Ab Workout with JE!


The Workout Rules:

  • 60 seconds rest between each set
  • Add weight if required (rep range too easy)
  • Reduce reps if required (rep range too high to maintain good technique)


The Exercises:

  • 3 x 8 Hanging Leg Raises
  • 3 x 10 Cable Crunches
  • 3 x 8 Ab Roll Outs
  • (2 x) 3 x 15 Cable Wood Chops
  • 4 x Weighted Planks (to failure)


We would advise using this workout no more than three times per week, & if you want to help uncover those abs check out our Cutting and Bikini Guides – the market-leading fat loss and lean definition plans.


Remember to follow us and post your progress on Instagram, and use the hashtag #LDNMuscle so we can see your lovely creations, repost some and spread the LDNM Community far and wide!






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