Pre-night out gym sessions tend to be rushed, and tend to break down into beach muscle sessions more often than not for most people towards the end! Here is an exercise we have used in order to attain a great pump pre-night out in the past, at the end of a gym session… Also we hear women love big arms, it is apparently fact.

For this exercise, called ‘13s’ you will need to select an EZ bar and a flat bench (a flat floor or gym mat can also be used if benches aren’t free):

  • Load the bar with HALF of the weight you would use to perform 8-10 good reps to failure on the preacher curl
  • I use around 5-7.5kg either side (10-15kg weighted overall excluding the bar) for this exercise.


  • Bicep curls super-set with skull crushes (no rest between exercises),
  • 13 super-sets with no rest between sets (13 biceps and 13 tricep sets),
  • 1 second concentric, 1 second isometric hold, 2 seconds negative,
  • Try to maintain form-  it will worsen eventually in latter sets,
  • Take 5 second rests between repetitions if necessary due to excessive fatigue/lactic acid burn,
  • Complete super-sets 1 through to 13 continuously.
Standing EZ bar curlsSkull crushes
Set 11 repetition1 repetition
Set 22 repetitions2 repetitions
Set 33 repetitions3 repetitions
Set 44 repetitions4 repetitions
Set 55 repetitions5 repetitions
Set 66 repetitions6 repetitions
Set 77 repetitions7 repetitions
Set 88 repetitions8 repetitions
Set 99 repetitions9 repetitions
Set 1010 repetitions10 repetitions
Set 1111 repetitions11 repetitions
Set 1212 repetitions12 repetitions
Set 1313 repetitions13 repetitions


This exercise is great to give your arms that large, vascular look that will undoubtedly increase the eventfulness of your nights out on the town no end- another great ‘LDNM fact’ there!

Complete a set of these to complete failure before your next night out and see the results for yourself, and tweet your feedback and results to @LDN_Muscle on twitter.

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