Another incredible transformation to feast your eyes on, this time we have proof that age is only a number with Pauline, who is 40 years young and looking absolutely amazing!


We caught up with Pauline to find out more about her incredible journey on the Bikini Guide:


How Has LDNM Affected You Both Physically and Mentally?

” I look aesthetically so much better than I did and thats what doing the Bikini Guide was about for me! The weight wasn’t an issue but I’ve lost 7.5kg, so I’m not complaining. I’ve lost 3 inches from my waist but my biceps are bigger by an inch????my hips are slightly smaller but nothing to shout home about. I feel so positive now, I like what I see when I look at my reflection and now know a sustainable and enjoyable way to continue to keep the results I see”.

“I have lots more confidence in the gym, going to the big lads weights section and have them look at me doing bench instead of the other way around ????.  Mentally I now look for better, healthier choices of food and I certainly cook more than I ever have. I now think about my next workout and how I can improve on the last (never done that before.) I am currently on an All Inclusive holiday of a lifetime but today I done something I’ve never done before while on holiday and I went to the gym ???? Now you tell me you have not affected me mentally (in a good way, you’ve changed my lifestyle…)”

 Why Would You Recommend LDNM To Others?

“During the 20 weeks of the Bikini Guide, my friends have noticed the change in me (probably more than myself) and have asked about what it contains as they would like to get the same results too. I told them what I knew about when I researched diet and training plans and that you guys offered more than what others seemed to (for a fraction of the cost too) and with unrivalled support.  It suited my needs and is flexible. When I started, 20 weeks seemed so far away I never thought I’d actually succeed. I know of 1 guy who’s giving it a go due to me doing it and i will continue to recommend your guide as it worked for me and has given me so many things to progress with”.


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