Personal Trainer Course

If you’re short on time, but want DOMS for days and a ridiculous pump– here’s what I do.  You’ll find this cheeky workout perfect for that lunch break crammed session, or alternatively pre night out for that all important T-Shirt pump.


Warm Up:

–        2 minute rower, 20 standard bicep dumbbell curls (very light), 20 hammer dumbbell curls very light.


30 Min Set:

–        Exercise 1:

6 x Heavy reps on the preacher bench/ Z bar.  Standard grip (nor wide nor narrow). Get someone to spot you if possible, you want hit failure.

–        Exercise 2:

12 x Standing curls with twistStart at the bottom of the rep in ‘hammer curl’ position, end with standard curl position at the top of the rep (palms towards you). Both arms at same time. Keep your elbows tucked in and where they are– NO SWINGING. Big pinch at the top of every rep.

–        Exercise 3:

25 x Plate curls. Hold a plate either side, at 9 and 3 oclock position, and curl. – See far left of picture. Nice big pinch at the top. Elbows stuck to your side, again – NO SWINGING. I tend to do this with a 20KG plate, this last set should be until failure. 20 -25 reps is what you’re going for. If you can do more, up the weight until your technique disappears. Remember also to keep breathing– feed those muscles.

REPEAT THESE 3, ONE AFTER THE OTHER, IN QUICK SUCCESSION FOR 5 SETS (90-120 seconds rest between each set!).

Voila– heart racing, sweat on, an absurd pump, and DOMS for days. And you’re out of the gym pronto. Most importantly though GROWTH has been stimulated.

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