LDNM HeadphoneOne of the most popular questions I & the team get, regarding our daily gym essentials, is about our gym earphones.

A decent pair can really make the difference between a good and a mediocre workout – certainly I find having my music up loud, and the world drowned out, a massive motivator.

Plus, with a pair of earphones in means you’re less likely to be spoken to mid set!

I don’t like spending a huge amount on mine as I tend to go through them at pace, but I also value sound quality – nothing worse than sub-standard noise being blasted into your eardrums – is more annoying than motivating.

Having sampled a few pairs, mainly by losing/breaking them – my favourite for less than £30 has to be my current SoundMagic E10’s

I’ve had two pairs of these now, (1 lost) & can’t fault them. Worth checking out if you’re in the market for some new earphones.

Best place I found to buy was below.

Also worth looking at are these, and I know JE is a fan. Slightly less money, but still fantastic sound qualit

Had a pair of them myself and loved them, until I sat on them.

Happy training, and let us know what your thoughts are as always. Any recommendations, drop us a Tweet @LDN_Muscle