• Meat Feast Pizza Recipe
    26th Sep
    Who fancies trying our homemade Meat Feast Pizza Recipe? We know we do, & it is the season to be bulking. This recipe is one of many included in our....
  • Muscle Building Smoothie
    21st Sep
      This muscle building smoothie is perfect to have before or after training, and can be made higher calorie by adding nut butter or whole milk!   Ingredients (serves....
  • Protein Iced Coffee
    19th Sep
    Try this delicious, high protein iced coffee!   Ingredients: Double shot coffee (or two teaspoons instant coffee) Handful of ice 25g Caffe Latte Whey 150ml 2% milk   BLEND....
  • Jack From Down Under Loses 24kg With LDNM!
    17th Sep
    Each and every transformation tells its own story, and we absolutely love hearing and seeing your progress. However when we received this from Jack, all the way from Australia, we....
  • 16th Sep
    Muscle Building Tips for Beginners: As a beginner you are vulnerable to bundles of misinformation more commonly and easily found than good quality information in the fitness industry. Usually....
  • Sweet & Sour Cod Fillets Recipe
    14th Sep
    You absolutely have to try our high protein, low calories Sweet & Sour Cod Fillets Recipe!   Ingredients (serves 2): 500g cod fillets (cut into equal size chunks) 2....
  • Warm Tuna Bean Salad
    10th Sep
    Our Warm Tuna Bean Salad is ideal if you are looking for a low calorie, filling, high protein meal. This meal is also very low in fat, whilst being....
  • Protein Brownies Recipe
    7th Sep
    We have a few Protein Brownies recipes on the site, but this recipe for Protein Brownies is to die for!   Ingredients (makes 10 protein brownies): 3 overripe mashed....
  • Shakshuka Recipe
    5th Sep
    Try our Shakshuka Recipe today, and if you wish to cook for more than one, doubling the portion size and dipping fresh bread into the meal is fine to....
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