• Low Impact Tabata Circuit
    25th Feb
    Team LDNM’s @MB_LDNM has created a horrible circuit for those of you in need of lower impact forms of cardio. He currently has a right ankle and knee issue,....
  • Muscle Building Tips for Beginners
    25th Feb
    Muscle Building Tips for Beginners As a beginner you are vulnerable to bundles of misinformation more commonly and easily found than good quality information in the fitness industry. Usually....
  • 11th Feb
    LDNM Cutting Guide Transformation January 2016 This was a story that made national media about Mitch Burgees and his fantastic weight loss story. He used the LDNM Cutting Guide,....
  • Gluten Free Savoury Veggie Pancakes
    9th Feb
    Savoury Veggie Pancakes   Following our last pic on here, you awesome lot just helped @thefoodgrinder smash 50k followers! As a reward; here’s the recipe & video from the....
  • 30 Minute Chest Workout
    8th Feb
    This week we have a chest workout with JE. It’s based on the 6-12-25 principal and is ideal for lunchtime trainers, or for those short on time: 30 Minute....
  • Trigger Point Massage Balls
    5th Feb
    LDNM Review My new “frenemy” – the Trigger Point Massage ball…. Something that I’ve always made excuses for is my flexibility, lack of stretching and recovery – I often....
  • No BS Supplement Stack
    4th Feb
    My LDNM Supplement stack, revisited…. Well over three years ago now I did a piece with the LDNM chaps in regards to my supplement stack. Three years is a long....
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