• 28th Jun
    At LDNMuscle we use HIIT style workouts as an important part of our programme to get our aesthetics on point. To help you do the same we have put....
  • 28th Jun
      Simple yet effective, the overhead dumbbell Tricep extension. HOW TO Warm up you triceps prior to performing this exercise. Take a Dumbbell and raise above your head- using....
  • LDNM Shoulder Warm Up
    28th Jun
    Whether you’re an international athlete or casual gym goer, there’s one body part that once injured will ruin your training for months: The shoulder. It is often not the....
  • 24th Jun
    What is a Goal? A Goal can be defined as attaining a specific level of proficiency on a task usually within a specified time limit (Locke, Shaw, Saari and....
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