Wow! Now this is a seriously impressive and life-changing transformation from Mitch Burgess. Spare a moment to read this incredible journey…

Mitch’s Journey


At his heaviest Mitch weighed 18 stone and had a 42″ waist, he struggled to get around and find clothes that fitted him. His daily routine consisted of gorging on fast food, and avoiding exercise. Mitch was uncomfortable with how he looked and realised there were potentially serious health consequences, but what’s more he had an upcoming wedding, to his now wife, Kelly.

To fix this he started going to the gym with our LDNM Cutting Guide and following the comprehensive dietary advice within. He slowly built up to training 5 days a week and found the diet within non-restrictive, sustainable and enjoyable.

Mitch managed to lose 7 stone and now weighs 11 stone, compared to the 18 stone when he started, this is truly incredible.



How LDNM has changed my life:

“It was only when I downloaded the LDNM Cutting Guide that I started to see results, my friend recommended the guide to me, and I can honestly say its the best thing I’ve done”.

“Before I never wanted to go clubbing or whenever I went on holiday I would always wear a top, and cover up, but now every weekend I want to go out, its made such a big difference to my life”. 



Why Would You Recommend LDNM?

” LDNM has transformed my life.. It’s the best thing I have ever done. No matter what your starting point, you can do it, and the guys are there 24/7 to support you throughout your journey. Thanks again guys!”


Now its YOUR Turn…

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