LDNM Cutting Guide V2.0


Product Description

Get Shredded with LDNMuscle 

Building on the unparalleled success of the LDNM Cutting Guide which transformed thousands of physiques and lives, the LDNM Cutting Guide V2.0 has surpassed all expectations becoming the most popular and effective plan on the market – for good reason.

Fully adaptable for your weight and body type, with unparalleled 24/7 support from the LDNM team via Twitter, Facebook and E-mail – getting shredded has never been easier – no matter what your starting point is.

Get your hands on the market leading guide for a little over the £2.50 a week, which will leave you both looking and feeling great.



What is in the LDNM Cutting Guide V2.0 


    • Over 100 pages of structured, detailed training & nutritional guidance, designed specifically to get you shredded.
    • A fully comprehensive 15 week diet and training plan. Detailing precisely what to eat, when and how much with full macro breakdowns (specific to your body weight and body type). This is NOT a generic plan. 
    • New for the LDNM Cutting Guide V2.0 – is the addition of Carb Cycling in a safe, controlled and effective manner,

      towards the tale end of the plan, for the final push. The focus being on a safe, healthy and sustainable diet.`

    • 15 Week multi-phased training plan, incorporating varying training protocols. Fully comprehensive guidance on rest, reps, sets and tempo. Each and every exercise features full technique guidance both verbal and visual via detailed photos.
    • Full supplement guide to assist you around the minefield of supplements available. All are optional.
    • Numerous EXCLUSIVE discounts with top brands to assist you with saving as much money as possible on supplements & your new, all important, shredders diet. (You will NOT find these anywhere else!)
    • 24/7 Unrivalled Support and Motivation via Twitter, E-Mail and Facebook., all in the strictest confidence.This  is everything you need & more to create that RIPPED AND AESTHETIC PHYSIQUE.  All packaged up in an ibook, giving you 24/7 access be it in the gym or kitchen prepping food. Fully compatible on  i-phone, ipad or other smartphone/device. Of course the guide is yours to print, bind and keep in your gym bag should you wish. 

Start your LDNM Transformation NOW

JE SALES PAGEtomsalespageGetting Shredded is a systemic process, the LDNM CuttingGuideV2.0 hits it from every angle, the transformations speak for themselves.

Invest in your aesthetics, save yourself endless wasted hours in the gym, and hop aboard the Tried, Tested and Proven road to Shredsville, all for less than a single session with a PT. single angle, the transformations speak for themselves.

We look forward to you joining Team LDNM and seeing those all important transformation shots. 

As always, keep the progress shots coming in, the best ones will be added to our shredders hall of fame, receive a shoutout on Twitter & win an LDNM freebie.

All the best from all of us here, & happy shredding!


PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital download product. You will receive your guide in PDF format. You can use it on any mobile, tablet or PC and you can print it off and bind it. You will not receive a physical book. Please check our Terms and Conditions for refund policy before you download the file.