Bulging biceps is what we are all after, but many of us struggle to even get a decent ache after a workout. Two main causes for this being 1) poor technique and 2) a lack of variety in our training. In an attempt to help you guys vary your workout we have put together yet another bicep exercise which not many people make utilise.

Lying Cable Concentration Curl

  • Lie faceup on a flat bench.
  • Place the bench in the middle of a piece of machinery with a high set pulley.
  • Ensure you head is at the same end as the pulley.
  • Attach a short straight bar.
  • Using an underhand grip extend your arms straight over your chest and take hold of the bar.
  • Keeping your upper arms perpendicular to your torso curl the bar towards yours forehead.
  • Once you have completed the concentric phase hold it for 2 seconds before slowly releasing the bar, before performing your next repetition.
  • Repeat 3 sets, each time aiming for between 6-8 reps.

Remember this exercise can be performed on a day other than Friday. Bicep pumps aren’t solely for the weekend!

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