The Academy

LDNM is a globally known and respected, market leading, provider of online training guides, with a unique ethos. To date our guides and expertise have created 1000’s of life-changing transformations. What we say and do, is tried, tested and proven.

We collectively have over 30 years of training and dietary experience and the added benefit of realism. Having combined our training/diets alongside full-time jobs, we have the practical and real-life expertise to truly aid you and your prospective clients.

A no BS approach, from start to finish.


Level 2 (Fitness Instructor) and Level 3 Personal Trainer

For those wanting to become fully qualified personal trainers you will want to select the Level 2 and 3 Option (please note there is no ‘level 1’ needed – you start with level 2).

For those who have completed level 2 (Fitness Instructors) already we have a level 3 only option. Please note you will need to provide your certificate prior to starting.

We have courses running throughout 2016, as always places are filling fast. Click below to find full details and to book your place today.

Nutrition Coaching Course

The LDNM Nutritional Coaching course is like no other…

We firmly believe that nutrition is of critical importance in enabling any client to achieve their desired goals.

The Nutrition Coaching course is evidence based with clear references and real life examples attached to all materials.

Whether you are a qualified PT wanting to increase your knowledge, or simply wanting to educate yourself, this course is for you.

We have courses running throughout 2016, as always places are filling fast. Click below to find full details and to book your place today.


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GP Exercise Referral

This qualification is designed to provide learners with capacity to take on clients from GP Referrals (a rapidly growing demographic). You will qualify with the knowledge to ensure safe and effective exercise programming for patients with a number of medical conditions, and other common reasons for referral.

Sports Massage Course

The LDNM Sports Massage Course is the latest qualification to hit the LDNMAcademy, we are proudly able to now offer; The AIQ Level 3 Sports Massage Diploma.

We have been working hard for months, to ensure we have chosen the right qualification and equally to ensure we have the most qualified professionals on hand to guide and support you throughout the qualification. The cost of the course also includes an exclusive massage bed in Team LDNM colours for each student upon completion.


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Social Media Seminar

Do you want to create a successful social media based business, or increase revenue of an existing venture..?

Don’t waste anymore time or money – this seminar is for you!